A weight off your shoulderswe are here to help you take control of your domestic administrative affairs.

A free service across the entire spectrum of the jewish community.

The everyday burden of dealing with the practicalities of your household paperwork and bureaucracy can become intolerable in a time of crisis.

When you are feeling isolated, stressed and vulnerable, and you just can’t cope, the simplest administrative tasks feel insurmountable and the daily practicalities take a back seat; often leading to unwelcome, additional pressure and intrusion in this increasingly bureaucratic and impersonal world.

The Paperweight Trust can help. A registered charity set up in 2010, we offer a free service, cross communally and across London.  Paperweight deal with bureaucracy, welfare and benefits, correspondence with banks & building societies, form filling, hoarding, the taxman, councils, utilities, bills, probate, insurance, divorce and legal issues. We maintain a proactive approach to debt management and household expenditure and will intervene with creditors stabilising precarious situations.  We will act as advocate and help review and complete documents and if necessary, draft in expert opinion in a range of matters.

How we help

Paperweight offers time, guidance, confidentiality, experience and a good deal of common sense.  We will steer our clients towards independence and give them the confidence to carry on with their lives.

Our services



 and Social issues,
Welfare and Benefits

Family Law Support and Advocacy Clinic

“From the first moment I heard about Paperweight I was impressed to see a wonderfully selfless and motivated group of volunteers making themselves available to provide crucially important assistance to other members of the community in their time of need. The Paperweight initiative provides a much needed, outstanding facility for our community, and I extend every best wish to the organisation for continued success.” Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis