Our team

Geoffrey Herman
Professional Liaison Coordinator

Geoffrey’s “life before Paperweight” as he describes it was as a central London solicitor, a role whose demands and skill made him ideally suited to his role as the professional liaison co –ordinator.  He is the link between Paperweight’s caseworkers and their clients and the dozens of professional firms who provide their specialist services. Geoffrey’s particular skills are to analyse the facts and issues in any particular case prior to referral so that the relevant information is extracted and clarified. He can then summarise the pertinent facts and make direct contact with the professional firms on our advisory panel, ensuring that client and professional are best suited and also enabling a fair spread of the caseloads amongst the professionals.

As Geoffrey says, his training and experience involved a great deal of form filling – which is an area where Paperweight clients often require assistance. One of the reasons he joined Paperweight is that its volunteers can accomplish tasks that the client finds simply too daunting and to him this is one of the most satisfying aspects of Paperweight’s numerous activities. In addition he admires its practical, pro-active and non-judgmental approach. “The caseworkers, almost literally roll up their sleeves and attack the problems, methodically and with great energy!”, enthuses Geoffery.


Denise Korman

Denise, a practicing teacher and Math tutor, whose other voluntary roles are in healthcare, community obstetrics and marriage preparation classes – (Denise is nothing if not versatile) – acts as administrator to Paperweight. She maintains a secure and up to date record of all contacts and communications with clients and volunteers giving volunteers access to the essential information they require to provide quality services to clients. This requires a facility with large data quantities, a very organised mind and a familiarity with up-to-date data management technology – all of which fits Denise to a tee!

Denise also co-ordinates the primary meetings between client, Caseworker and Manager and ensures thereon in, all key facts and outcomes are faithfully recorded so that the progress of a client’s caseload can be followed from beginning to end.

Says Denise “The services provided by Paperweight to clients is unique and so essential. Whilst doing the administration work for the charity, I admire the care, empathy and sensitivity  that the Trustees, Managers and Caseworkers have for their clients and am in awe at the professionalism that they exhibit in their work.”

Simon Gold
Chairman of Fundraising Committee

Simon joined Paperweight to establish and run the Fundraising activities for the charity. During the day Simon is a Financial Director of a food distribution business, and has been working in Finance as a qualified accountant for 30 years.

Simon is involved with the finances of several organisations in the charity sector and uses his business skills to ensure that the charities operate effectively and with financial probity.

Simon understands the important and life changing work that Paperweight performs for its clients and this work sits very comfortably with his philosophy of the importance of different organisations working across the entire community making a real and tangible difference to the lives of those they touch.