When you call or email us, or are referred by another party, we will spend time listening to your concerns and worries and will talk you through how we can best help.

Our response depends very much on your circumstances as everyone is different and you will need us to support you in a way that is unique to you.  If we are unable to help, don’t worry; we can often refer you to a service elsewhere that will help.

At The Paperweight Trust we make the client the focus of our attention, whilst dealing with the sources of their problems professionally and tactfully and with discretion and determination.

After we have performed a “triage” based on received information from the client or their referrer, we assemble a team of Caseworker and Manager, chosen for matching skills to the problem at hand, to meet the Client. These two volunteers visit the client in their own home or at a mutually agreed venue.

The primary meeting enables the Caseworker to discover what are the priority issues, which other agencies are involved if at all, and to discuss a strategy to resolve these matters. At this meeting the Client will have explained the Terms and Conditions which permit Paperweight to communicate with other agencies and personnel – with the Clients knowledge and approval – to maximise the chances of reaching a successful conclusion.

The Caseworker, using the Manager for feedback and advice and also the services of a Volunteer Co-ordinator, will design a strategy to be as effective as possible. This may include making telephone calls, commencing correspondence, attending multi-disciplinary meetings with other agencies, going with the Client to the offices of a Solicitor or Accountant or simply sitting down with the Client at home sorting out a backlog of paperwork, or creating a working domestic budget.

The Caseworker can also call upon the services and advice of our Expert Panel who provide solutions and direction in matters of family law, accounting, taxation, inheritance, insurance and benefits, to name a few.

During all phases of the assistance, the Caseworker will keep the Client informed of progress and will maintain diligent written records of the meeting and communications with all the parties. The length of the case depends upon the complexity, but whether a life-changing event has overtaken the Client, or they are simply snowed under with bureaucracy, The Paperweight Trust will apply the same determination and professionalism to resolve the issues satisfactorily.