Founding Trustees

The Paperweight Trust is governed by a passionate and fully committed Board of Trustees, all of whom are volunteers in their own right.

The four Trustees are the guardians of The Paperweight Trust. They decide on policy and procedures as well as setting and monitoring the charity’s strategic direction and objectives.

Alan Perrin
Alan has been a Trustee of The Paperweight Trust since its inception in 2010. His role takes in statutory, corporate and finance matters as well as on-the-job supervision of new volunteers. In addition, Alan liaises with community organisations and agencies in the eastern and southern London boroughs to extend the reach of The Paperweight Trust.

Professionally, Alan is the acting in-house Treasury Manager for a number of private and publicly-listed companies in the City and West End.

Paperweight is an extremely important part of my life. It accords with a deeply-felt philosophy regarding the need to intervene in a crisis and why apathy is the antithesis of care in the community. The epithet which expresses this need is in five stages: You, the potential helper must notice an event is occurring; You must interpret the event as one in which help is needed; You must assume personal responsibility; You must decide what action to take; You must then take action.

This, in a nutshell, is The Paperweight Trust. A service was needed and the infrastructure was created to meet these needs.

Bayla Perrin
A Trustee of The Paperweight Trust since 2010, Bayla is responsible for its day-to-day processes, including liaising with the volunteer coordinator, office managers and administrator as well as meeting with and presenting the work of the charity to referrers, stakeholders and the wider Jewish community.

Witnessing first-hand the additional stress and anxiety of being alone when it comes to dealing with domestic administration and the associated red tape, The Paperweight Trust was created to ensure that nobody would be left without someone to support them.

Bayla explains  “Although we live in a community which provides for almost every circumstance, we saw that practical, hands-on assistance in times of loneliness and crisis weren’t available. Ironically the scale of paperwork and officialdom increases for those least able to cope, but now there is no longer any need for anyone to struggle alone. The Paperweight Trust can lift the burden from their shoulders, guide them, and give them the confidence to carry on.”

Bayla has worked for healthcare related fields and national charities amongst others, but has latterly devoted her time to help build up The Paperweight Trust.

Benjamin Conway
Benjamin focuses his attention on the structure, growth and strategic planning of The Paperweight Trust. He was a founder of the charity and has been a Trustee since the beginning and he has a profound belief in devoting time and energy working for the benefit of the local community.

When Benjamin isn’t giving his time to the charity, he is the Managing Director of a successful property and estate management firm in north London.

Benjamin explains “The Paperweight Trust is breaking new ground with a more comprehensive range of services and we are bridging gaps by working collaboratively with many other care organisations who have the same values and moral compass as we do. The Paperweight Trust is proving to be one of the fastest-growing charities in the UK and we are immensely proud to be able to support the entire spectrum of our Jewish community.”

Jonathan Marriott

Appointed a Trustee soon after its launch, Jonathan concentrates his efforts on design, marketing, advertising and all things technological for The Paperweight Trust. Combining this trusteeship with a number of other leadership roles, Jonathan continues his 25-year involvement in communal affairs in the UK and US.

When not helping to build the community, Jonathan runs a London-based construction and development company.

Jonathan declares “The Paperweight concept was one of those rare lightbulb moments in the community and it is an honour playing a role in its success. Instantly relieving stress and lifting so many spirits is a privilege we enjoy at Paperweight and it is humbling to reflect on the selfless hours of dedication our expanding group of volunteer caseworkers give week-in week-out to our growing client base. The Paperweight Trust shows how empathy, practicality and a good dose of common sense can go such a long way.”