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AmazonSmile: Your help will really make a difference.

Published on 05 October 2018

Do you shop on Amazon? if so AmazonSmile is a simple way to raise much-needed funds for The Paperweight Trust without costing you anything, or changing the way you shop – Amazon makes the donation (they have a few spare £££!)

AmazonSmile is an exact replica of Amazon – no change to product or pricing.

How to Get Started:

  1. Visit from where you can sign in (unless you have are already signed in through regular Amazon) and agree to have The Paperweight Trust as your chosen charity. This will then be saved in your settings.
  1. Alternatively, you can go straight to search for and choose The Paperweight Trust from the menu of designated charities and make it your nominated charity for this purchasing portal.
  1. In future when shopping on Amazon, always shop via the Amazon Smile site not the regular Amazon site i.e.: 

    As far as your shopping is concerned, the experience will be identical but behind the scenes, Amazon will be helping Paperweight. Please do “bookmark” this address and make sure you start with this address when shopping.

  1. Unfortunately, the Amazon App does not support Amazon Smile so rather than use the App, please save the Smile bookmark on your home screen and access Amazon shopping that way
  1. 0.5% of your purchase price (on designated items) will be donated to Paperweight.
  1.  Please note Paperweight receives no information whatsoever on whom the funds they receive are from, nor any information on what was purchased.

Thank you for supporting us and our important work.