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Chanucah 2016 Newsletter “Paperback”

Published on 21 December 2016

Welcome to our Chanucah 2016 edition of Paperback.

Numbers Are Growing…

We now have 95 active clients – that means over 500 client cases have been completed.  You all do amazing work and but for the generosity of your time and effort, we would not be where we are today.

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Attendance at other charity and social care meetings

In the last few months, we have given several presentations in our office to various Jewish social care charities.   We have also given presentations to other charities, by invitation, at other venues which all help towards raising our profile within the Jewish community.

One of our caseworkers Eddie Martin, also recently delivered a lively talk to the Carers Support Café in Redbridge for people who support relatives.


As well as our official fundraising, we are delighted that some of the children of our Caseworkers have been very inventive :

Avi Korman (son of our Administrator, Denise), together with his friend Avi Mocton took part in Tough Mudder Challenge in October and raised £4, 3

Avi Korman (left) & Avi Mocton, in yellow t shirts, raise £5000 for The Paperweight Trust, on completion of  the Tough Mudder  Challenge.Oct 16 - Copy

Chana Posen (daughter of Dovid Posen) and Chana Frenkel (daughter of Moishe Frenkel), raised £60 with at Rosh Hashana raffle draw at Beis Yaakov school.

Chana Posen raised £60 Rosh Hash school raffle.Oct 16

Chloe Gold (daughter of Simon, chairman of our Fundraising Committee), grew her hair and then had it cut  for Zichron Menachem who  make wigs for children suffering from cancer.  Chloe raised  £2,000 for Paperweight.


 Our Next Fundraising Event

Our next fundraising event,  is a supper Quiz, scheduled for Saturday night, 28th January 2017.

It will take place at Ner Yisroel Synagogue hall, Hendon and the cost is just £25 per person . Please see further details on the attached poster, and tickets can be booked through our website :

We do hope you will be able to join us, and if you are able to host a table of 10, please do let the office know as soon as possible. It should be fun , and as Alan observes, less stressful than running 10km for the cause.

Some Very Useful Information

Council Tax Rebate

Tony O’Brart has brought to our attention that tens of thousands of people who are living or lived with someone with a ‘severe mental impairment’ may be able to reclaim council tax.

Someone who has been medically certified as having a permanent condition that affects their intelligence and social functioning (eg, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s) is ‘disregarded for council tax purposes’ in England, Scotland and Wales – in a similar way that students are, for example.

To be able to get the discount, your clients need to be eligible for one of the following benefits (these aren’t all mean-tested and they don’t actually need to claim the benefits):

Attendance allowance under Sec 64 of the Social Security Contributions & Benefits Act: Severe disablement allowance: The highest or middle rate of the care component of a disability living allowance:  The daily living component of personal independence payment: An increase in the rate of disablement pension:  Disabled persons tax credit: Incapacity benefit: Employment and support allowance: Constant attendance allowance or income support including a disability premium

Very important: Your clients can claim retrospectively back to 1993 if they have overpaid. There is alas some form filling to be done…but that comes with the territory !

BT Cut Price Calls

BT is capping the cost of calls to landlines and mobiles at £10 a month for vulnerable customers. This is called BT Basic and is aimed at people on benefits such as income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance and income support

Under the new deal launched this month, the most these customers will be billed for calls to other landlines or mobiles each month is £10 — so a maximum total bill of £15.10 including line rental.

This includes calls made to number starting with 01, 02, 03 and UK mobile numbers starting with 07 and 08 although premium-rate numbers are excluded.

Customers can also pay an extra £4.95 for BT’s basic broadband offer.

Car Insurance for Over 80s Not every insurance company is willing to provide cover for those in the higher age bracket.  However,  Joe Burchill has found that Age Concern are prepared to offer car insurance cover to over 80’s provided of course that their sight and health and driving are okay!


Both or  can be valuable resources for those finding themselves in debt.  However, rather than just informing your client about these links, stressed clients may need some hand holding through the process

With a little super sleuthing, one of our caseworkers, Esta Keen, has managed to source a local grantee, The Arbib Lucas Charity whose frame of reference includes “ …income for the relief of gentlewomen in reduced circumstances in grants of money…”. This enabled Esta, for example, to claim a sum to cover an abandoned single mum’s costs for her children’s clothing that were much needed. No insurmountable documentation needed – Esta applied by correspondence with an overview of the scenario. Receipts were needed to send back to the charity as their way of protecting misuse of the funds.

And finally…

As we gear down at the end of an extremely busy year, the Trustees should like to wish you all a Happy Chanucah and we look forward to working with you all in 2017