Practical Guidance

I am now alone, in such a mess and beginning to panic. I am having to deal with all the banking, insurance, utilities, budgeting and general paperwork and I don’t know where to start. Can Paperweight please help ?
My father is becoming increasingly confused and I am spending all my energy trying to keep him from signing up for useless facilities he doesn't need and agreeing to pay for things he already has.  What guidance can you provide and what steps should I be taking to limit the damage?
My wife and I are living on our pensions and benefits. We struggle too financially and have not had a holiday for ages. We do not have any savings, but do own our semi-detached house. I have heard of companies who can offer a cash lump sum tied to the house which is only repayable upon our death. What do you know of such schemes?
I am currently going through divorce proceedings, and for the first time in my life I am trying to understand all the documentation that I receive. I have a mortgage and various loans and debts. I was receiving some limited benefits but these have stopped. The volume of administration and bureaucracy terrifies me and I know I am ignoring matters. Can you tell me the variety of ways in which The Paperweight Trust may be able to help?
My wife Bertha and I emigrated to England in 1947 from Europe. We have, by choice, kept ourselves to ourselves and have been self-sufficient but now, in our late 80s are slowing down . With winter coming, our home is often underheated and damp. Can Paperweight help ?
I am overloaded with debt, have minimal and erratic income and am now facing increasingly aggressive letters and telephone calls from organisations I don’t even recognize and who tell me that I owe them money. What can I do ?
"I was so overwhelmed, I didn’t know where to turn" Arnold, Ruth's husband
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