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Paperweight Joined the Community Fun Run June 2016

Published on 21 April 2016


Maccabi Fun Run

This year, for the first time, Paperweight signed up to take part in the annual Maccabi Fun Run which took place on Sunday 19th June in the Allianz Park (known as Copthall Stadium by older Barnet residents !).

As one of over 60 charities registered and with the opportunity to host a stand describing Paperweight’s activities we thought we should add something enticing to the stand, and purple (ish) candyfloss was handed out and proved an irresistible lure. That other stands also had candyfloss made not a ha’peth of difference ours, after all was purple – and free !

A rota of energetic and ultimately very sticky schoolgirls manned the candyfloss machine whilst volunteers – trustees, managers and others dispensed literature, answered questions and most importantly were available for photo opportunities with the thousands of guests, supporters and runners who passed by the stand, including the Chief Rabbi, the Mayor and Mayoress of Barnet and many others.

The entire event, running for about 7 hours – a few more tacked on each end to set up and dismantle -was definitely a very positive experience for all involved and was a perfect forum for us to reinforce the role of Paperweight in the community.

Back on the track several runners, ranging in age from 4 to 58 participated in the 10km, 5km and 1km runs. It was clear very early on that some of the runners had taken their training seriously, whilst others set off with more enthusiasm than obvious skill. All however finished their set distances and we are proud of them all. As Alan Perrin, the oldest and the last home of the 10 Km runners observed, “the first half was stamina, the second half sheer stubbornness”.

Rafa Conway, the youngest runner (aged 4) commented ” it was the best fun ever !”

The highlight was certainly the 1km race with many hundreds of family groups, some on two legs others on four wheels hurtled pell mell round the stadium.

Three cheers too to Maccabi UK for organising a really well put-together event, they even laid on uninterrupted sunshine.

As well as an exciting promotional opportunity and a barrel of laughs and good cheer, Paperweight raised £5 towards our costs.

A huge thank you to all who participated and particularly to Simon Gold and Ariella Nemeti for all the preparatory co-ordination work to ensure the day ran smoothly in all respects, and we are certain that this event will be a regular on Paperweight’s calendar.